Proteus Oracle Ms Planner Ecosys compared

How Proteus stacks up against other project management software: Proteus, Oracle Primavera P6, MS Planner, and Ecosys compared

There are many project management software options available. So how does Proteus stick up against the competition? Getting the right technology in place can have a huge impact on project success, streamlining key workflows and delivering best practice processes. Our customers at Proteus have given us great feedback. We want…

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Baseline and Forecasting | Proteus Project Software

The Significance of Baselining and Forecasting in Projects

Baselining and forecasting are both important in running successful projects. Baselining provides a solid foundation to measure performance while forecasting helps project managers anticipate and address challenges.  Baselines and forecasts are important in project controls, helping with planning, monitoring, and adapting to project changes. Together, they enable project teams to…

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Project Tracking - Proteus Project Software

Exploring Innovative Project Tracking Methods

The competitive world of large projects (such as those found in industries like infrastructure or oil, gas and renewables) demands precision, efficiency, and a keen eye on the bottom line. Effective project tracking is the key to guiding project managers towards success. Imagine embarking on a journey without a map…

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Extracting project data | Proteus Project Software

The Ultimate Guide to Extracting Project Data from an ERP System

For any team running a detailed engineering project, data is the foundation on which successful outcomes are built. Project managers rely on accurate and real-time information to make informed decisions, track progress, allocate resources, and ensure project success. At Proteus we find our clients come to us with legacy Enterprise…

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Proteus project management - Proteus project software

Use Proteus Project Management Software to Improve Your Bottom Line

Project management software sits at the heart of Proteus.  Project management software is nothing new. In fact, one quick look through the software review site Capterra and you will find 100s of really well-reviewed, highly established software platforms promising to dramatically increase your business success.  The best project management software is supposed…

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