Earned Value Management

Use the built-in Earned Value Management data in Proteus to help your project teams compare work performed against work planned. Trusted by project professionals, our Earned Value data allows you to spot problems early and rectify variances with the right course correction.

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View automatically calculated earned value data

Move away from complicated spreadsheets and error-prone formulas by accessing earned value data that is 100% up-to-date and accurate, with all team members using the same metrics, viewable in easy-to-read dashboards and charts.

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Earned value chart - Proteus Project Software
Accurate proposals - Proteus Project Software

Pin point exact issues at the right time

Using a work breakdown structure in Proteus, project managers can identify the exact work package that has performance problems. Data is calculated at both a macro project level as well as right down to each element of each task.

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Get the best early warning system

Proteus' earned value data can give very early warnings meaning project teams can see an issue as it occurs rather than weeks after the event. This means teams take immediate action to get the work back on course, avoiding costly delays.

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Better finance control - Proteus Project Software

Use Proteus for your earned value management to track and monitor project progress

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