Resources Management

Managing the onboarding, utilisation, and deployment of resources on a project is a vital part of project management. Proteus allows you to view the amount of resource required for a project at the proposal stage and also the project stage. This data can be exported for further analysis or reporting.

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Accurate resource utilisation

You can allocate all your required project resources separately within Proteus, including the amount of time needed for each resource giving you powerful functionality for detailed planning.

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Manage resource availability

Data from the resource planning feature gives accurate details of the availability of the resource you require. This can be viewed at the proposal stage and then reviewed once you have transferred the proposal to a project.

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Manage your assets

You can track your resources and view the number of hours/days booked for any of your assigned resources; people, equipment, or software. Including what projects they are assigned to, for how long, and in what location.

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