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Proteus project management is a feature-rich software that is designed to meet the needs demanded by complex projects, global teams, and ambitious targets by streamlining the way your project teams work.

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Develop winning project proposals. Once work is approved you can transform your proposals into working projects, seamlessly. Then use Proteus' powerful functionality to deliver complex projects quickly and efficiently. Using our built-in data analytics, you can then manage people's time, capacity, and utilisation, and maximise your project resources to ensure you deliver on time and on budget.

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Our feature-rich solution hard wires consistency, control, visibility, and accuracy into the full project lifecycle. Real-time analytics allow you to stay on top of your costs, manage your cash flow and time tracking, and ensure all tasks are completed and delivered work is invoiced, protecting your project profitability and your revenue.

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Designed to sit at the heart of your business, Proteus software helps you move faster, deliver more projects, and generate more revenue through its project control centre, API software integrations, real-time analytics, project management and delivery methodologies. From proposals to timesheets to invoices, multi-level access dashboards allow all your teams track their work. Our key features also allow teams to review their projects and tasks in real-time, maintaining confidentiality and maximising communication.

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Use Proteus to boost your digital transformation

Digital transformation starts with implementing the right tools to run successful projects, positively impacting your organisation’s bottom line. With several decades’ experience in complex project management we created Proteus to transform business success from the inside out. Give your teams the project tools they need to create financially accurate, consistent and professional proposals and reports more efficiently.

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Customisable features mean that you can drill down on metrics and have full control over your teams’ work. Control all aspects of the project, ensuring your financials are correct, your plans and gantt charts are accurate and consistent, your projects are delivered within scope, and all costs are tracked, monitored, and invoiced in real-time.

Seamless Integration

Your Customer Success Team will ensure that Proteus delivers exactly what you need it to across all company teams and divisions, including integrating with Microsoft, Google, and any other existing tools your company uses, to ensure that you and your team are ready to go and making data-decisions from day one.

Proteus supports the full project lifecycle

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Get Visibility, Consistency, Control, and Accuracy Across All Your Projects

Proteus’ project management tool gives you unrivaled visibility and control. Whether you are a Digital Transformation Chief, a Project Manager, a Business Consultant, or a Technology VP, we can work with you to future-proof your business and achieve your digital acceleration and transformation goals. Our easy-to-use project tools will save you and your teams’ time, streamline your processes, manage workflows, control document versions, catch red flags early, display real-time insights, and help you to stay on top of your projects from day one.

Used by both sides of the supply chain, we provide project owners and project consultants with unrivaled benefits to deliver their work on time and on budget.

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Proteus is trusted by global consultancies and operators as the standard for delivering their complex energy, infrastructure and capital projects

Proteus project software is being used internationally by top energy and infrastructure organizations on major projects, including offshore wind farm development, energy operators, renewable supply chains, roads and transport connections, and more. Specific features and functionality are designed for each side of the project owner and project supplier workload, creating a harmonious environment for joined-up project management.

Our Clients Speak

The key is the intangible benefits of adoptions, consistency, cloning etc. It is difficult to put a hard value on that.

SVP, Oil & Gas Consultancy

Having Proteus in the Cloud is so important as this prevents silos.

Project Manager, Energy Services

Proteus has been a game-changer for Aurecon. Our PM’s absolutely love it.


The low cost ease of adoption combined with the productivity and efficiency that Proteus drives is why will will expand it across all parts of the business.

Dave A. CEO, Renewables Sector

Proteus is a very detailed project management tool- it allows granular cost variables which is important for teams on differing rates and complex resourcing. This is a proper swiss army knife.

Partner, Management Consulting