Minimise project bidding risk and win more work

Proteus allows you to determine whether a project opportunity meets your bid criteria, providing an auditable record of the decision-making process and improving your project win strategy.

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Organizations require certainty when committing to bid for a project

This can be needed to determine profitability, or to understand perceived risks and put mitigation in place to counter these risks. Often this is done in spreadsheets or in meetings with no digital record in place. Procedures can be complicated and are often bypassed, resulting in a failure to meet criteria and time wasted.

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Key Functionality

Integration with existing CRM tools Go No Go decision quickly assessed Determine complexity of bid Record the winning strategy Determine the target spend on the bid Determine the key risks associated with the project


Opportunities in Proteus - Proteus Project Software

Decide which project opportunities to bid on, using a risk-based process

Proteus uses a stepped workflow to assess project opportunities, determine their difficulty factor, the risks involved, and whether they meet your bid criteria. 

Track your decision-making process

Follow the risk- based tracker, with every go/ no go decision recorded accurately. This includes target bid spend, target bid hours and the overall spend factor of bid, alongside the go/no go outcome.

Project Opportunities Go/No-Go - Proteus Project Software
Opportunity evaluation. steps- Proteus Project Software

Use consistent bid/no-bid criteria

Our configurable five step process starts with Bid / No Bid, before moving to analysis, difficulty factor, winning strategy requirements and risks. The questions within each step provide an accurate weighting and score, with the ability to add further detailed notes to each as you go through the assessment process.

Analyse key factors

Key decision-making factors are analysed, including the number of competitors, expected margin, reimbursable or fixed price, etc. Each answer generates a score that ultimately determines if the user needs to do further research to proceed.

Analyze key factors - Proteus Project Software
Evaluate bid risk - Proteus Project Softwawre

Determine proposal difficulty

Most companies allocate a percentage of expected revenue to proposal time. Proteus takes this a step further and determines how difficult the proposal will be to write and allocates time and budget accordingly.

Our Clients Speak

The simplicity of use , the professional templates, and the functionality it offers me to capture all aspects of my resource management in one place.

Alan B. Vice President, Oil & Energy Sector

Ease of use, great support, live project management tracking and simple CRM function.

Graham M. Project Director, Oil & Energy Sector