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Take 2 minutes to complete the proposal cost calculator and find out how much you could save annually using Proteus to write your proposals, increasing your profit and improving your win rate.

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Inefficient proposal building practices could be costing you $$$


If your business is a consultancy relying on selling hours and assets, proposal development is a key part of your day-to-day bread and butter. Often hard to quantify, the amount a consultancy spends on researching, planning and costing out a project can have serious impacts on bottom-line profit.

It is not unusual for between 3-6% of a consultancy’s annual revenue to be spent on proposals, a critical amount in today’s low-margin environment.


The proposal tool is one of Proteus’ key features, streamlining the way teams plan projects and build accurate, high-quality proposals. Using database-driven rates, templates and MS 365/ Google integrations, Proteus significantly reduces the time spent on proposal writing. Your win-rate will also improve.

Use the sliders below to enter average figures for your company and get an approximate view on how much you could be saving.


Proposal Cost Savings


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