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Welcome to Xergy Group. We are the developers of Proteus, the project management software that adds predictability, efficiency, and control across the full project lifecycle. Taking projects from the early opportunity stage, Proteus will help you win tenders, optimise project performance, and maximise project returns.

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Proteus is a project management solution developed to help you move faster, win more business, deliver more projects, improve team productivity, and generate more revenue through its end-to-end business tracking, work management, and project delivery solutions.

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At Xergy Group, our mission is to create world-class technology solutions to help you improve your profit margins and accelerate your digital transformation, giving you clear visibility and allowing critical projects to be thoroughly evaluated while being delivered on time and within budget.

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Our Mission

Our Values

We enable the future

We develop the world-class technological solutions which enable companies to move faster, make data-driven decisions, improve profit margins, and digitally transform their business to meet the demands of a carbon-conscious world.

We are people people

Our business is all about people. From the people we hire to the companies we work with and the industry we are a part of, we strive to work with diverse people from around the world who are motivated, driven and excited about how digital transformation can accelerate business success.


We play well with others

We listen to our customers and industry stakeholders and create technology solutions that are easy to understand, intuitive, simple to use, and integrate seamlessly with other platforms and software.

We are bold

We know that digital transitions and digital transformations don’t happen overnight, but we also know that change needs to happen. We create game-changing technologies which gives industry the tools it needs to be successful in challenging economies.


Our Team

At Xergy Group we believe in using ground-breaking technology to drive digital transformation and business success from the inside out. Our people are a dynamic and diverse group including project management veterans, industry engineers, technology specialists, digital transformation experts, customer success champions, data analysts, and above all, people who desire to transform the companies we work with.

Colin Manson

Colin Manson

James McCallum

James McCallum

Nigel Filer

Nigel Filer

Andrew Conway

Andrew Conway

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Xergy Group recently closed at £4.25 million during its Seed A+ fundraising to significantly scale-up its software-as-a-service (SaaS) project management tool designed to support digital transformation.

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ESG Policy

Xergy Group cares about the impact its business has on the environment, society, and stakeholders.

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