4 Things Energy Sector CEOs are Doing in 2022 (Spoiler Alert: Decarbonisation is one!)

Business resilience, digital transformation, talent retention and decarbonisation will shape strategic direction We have arrived in 2022 facing continued challenges on the back of several years of global disruption. Businesses are emerging from the turmoil created by the Covid-19 pandemic, compounded by energy market volatility, geopolitical uncertainty, and the structural…

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digital transformation 2022

What does Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector Look Like in 2022?

Digital transformation can help energy firms navigate a turbulent market, but they need to focus on practicalities, deliverable projects, appropriate partners, and organisational change.  If ever there was a year to talk about unprecedented challenges in the energy sector, 2022 is it. From wildly volatile prices and accelerating adoption of…

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future-proof business

3 Game-Changing Things Energy Companies can do to Future-Proof Business

We know it is a phrase you see in every sector, but for energy companies the need to future-proof business is a real and relevant challenge. Within the energy sector, recent global disruptions and external pressure for rapid climate change solutions are mounting. Businesses in the sector have no choice…

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buy software

How to buy new Project Management Software

We know you’ve heard the sales pitch 100s of times already. “Use our never-seen-before cloud-based project management software to transform your business by tackling your inefficiencies and spiraling overheads.” Just one glance at software review site Capterra will bring up hundreds of highly customised project management software solutions. All appear to offer…

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7 Tech Tips for a Better and More Eco-Friendly Business

From the UN Sustainability Goals, to local governments, there has never been a greater emphasis on becoming an eco-friendly business. The transition to green energy is not going to happen overnight, so we cannot completely condemn oil and gas without having a workable, low-carbon solution that ensures our future energy…

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Energy sector challenges

Top Challenges Energy Sector Companies Need to Overcome Today

The challenges energy sector companies have been facing over recent years have created multiple uncertainties for those working and running businesses in the industry. The World Energy Outlook 2021 report suggests renewables are set to account for almost 95% of the increase in global power capacity through to 2026. Despite this commodity,…

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drive profit

How to use Project Management Solutions to Drive Profit

In low-margin business environments that many energy sector companies experience there is a critical need to manage and drive profit. Consultancy firm Bain & Company, say that most work will become project-based by 2027. Planning for success in the early phase of energy project management is essential. Not only to meet…

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connected working

Connected, Cost Efficient Working Key to the Industry’s Survival

Why connected working is essential to the energy sector's survival. At a time when cuts in production and a deepening demand crisis are at the forefront of the oil and gas industry’s challenges, access to talent might seem like tomorrow’s problem. Reeling from a commodity recession lasting almost seven years,…

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remote working

Proteus’s remote workers share their top tips for how to gain control over your work-life balance

Like the vast majority of companies, our team Zoom calls, pulling together staff from 4 different time zones, have become second nature, a remote working staple that most of us had never used before 3 months ago . And yet here we are, clocking in and out between nine and five, trying…

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