3 Biggest Challenges for Engineering Consultancies in 2024

In 2024, engineering consultancies working on complex projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors are facing significant challenges. These challenges demand adaptability, innovation, and resilience. With the race to net zero, constant technological advancement, and a scarcity of skilled professionals, it has never been more important for these service providers…

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Best practice in project management - Proteus project software

Excellence Unveiled: Best Practices for Comprehensive Engineering Project Management

In the UK engineering sector, ensuring best practices in project management is paramount to success. In this blog, we will explore what are the best practices for project management in the fields of oil and gas, renewables and engineering. Introduction to UK Engineering Landscape In the UK energy and engineering…

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Proteus Oracle Ms Planner Ecosys compared

How Proteus stacks up against other project management software: Proteus, Oracle Primavera P6, MS Planner, and Ecosys compared

There are many project management software options available. So how does Proteus stick up against the competition? Getting the right technology in place can have a huge impact on project success, streamlining key workflows and delivering best practice processes. Our customers at Proteus have given us great feedback. We want…

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James McCallum

James McCallum: Energy firms must embrace ‘power of technology’ to ease their troubles

Xergy founder James McCallum discusses the role of technology in helping improve energy firms' margins. As we move towards a meaningful energy transition, 2024 is throwing up challenges that are reshaping the trajectory of energy projects. Policy switches from government, the competing agendas of different energy providers, cost inflation and…

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Project Portfolio Program

What is the Difference Between a Project, Program and Portfolio?

The world of project management is notorious for its confusingly similar terms. Three terms commonly lumped together are project, program, and portfolio with many people using them interchangeably. Although they are related to one another, these are three very different concepts with their own definitions and goals.  In this blog,…

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project management 2024 - Proteus Project Software

The State of Project Management in 2024

If you work in project management we know you care about data, its relevance, its accuracy, its timeliness, and most importantly, how we can use it to make better business decisions. To help you get a better idea of the current state of project management in 2024, we have researched…

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Baseline and Forecasting | Proteus Project Software

The Significance of Baselining and Forecasting in Projects

Baselining and forecasting are both important in running successful projects. Baselining provides a solid foundation to measure performance while forecasting helps project managers anticipate and address challenges.  Baselines and forecasts are important in project controls, helping with planning, monitoring, and adapting to project changes. Together, they enable project teams to…

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An Interview with our Head of Customer Success, Nick Nooren

Proteus recently onboarded a new client, a global consultancy delivering projects in the energy sector for leading developers and operators. We met with the Head of Proteus’ Customer Success team, Nick Nooren, to learn more about our partnership with this client and to find out about the solution we have…

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Key Project Management Terms and Acronyms 

The language surrounding project management is vast and with so many different phrases and acronyms flying about it can get confusing. So whether you’re looking to learn about project management or just need a refresher, we’ve compiled a list of simplified definitions for the most important project management acronyms and…

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