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Connected, Cost Efficient Working Key to the Industry’s Survival

From plummeting oil prices and production declines over the course of the pandemic and a complete shift to remote working culture, to a rapid increase in demand, a talent shortage and the growing pressure to reach net-zero targets, the last few years have been an extremely turbulent time for the…

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Custom Software - Proteus Project Software

Why Choose Custom Software Development for Your Project Management Solution

Why choose custom software development over an affordable, generic cloud option? Are you aware that customisation is a route that many businesses take? Investing in new technology can be risky, especially if you are not fully conversant in technical development. Spending money on the wrong solution or working with the…

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Top Trends in the Energy Project Sector in 2024

The energy sector is experiencing a transformative shift as the world moves towards more sustainable practices. In fact, Proteus was born in response to this changing environment, with a downturn in oil and gas projects. In 2024, important trends are happening because of efforts to reach net-zero emissions, new technology,…

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How Team Collaboration Supports Successful Project Delivery

Team members work together to achieve project goals within budget and on schedule. To achieve this objective successfully, effective collaboration and communication are essential. Research by PMI shows that communication and collaborative leadership are seen as the most important soft skills for achieving organisational goals.  At Proteus, without exception, every…

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WBS performance - Proteus Project Software

Work Breakdown Structure Example to Boost Productivity and Efficiency

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a tool used in project management to break down a large, complex project into smaller, more manageable tasks. PMI defines a WBS as “a deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition of the work to be executed by the project team to accomplish the project objectives and create the…

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Maximizing Project Success with Value of Work Done (VOWD)

The Value of Work Done (VOWD) is important for oil, gas, and renewable energy projects as it shows a combination of progress and financial performance. Ensuring the successful completion of a complex project requires comprehensive control over various aspects including quality, quantity, costs, and schedules. Continuous monitoring throughout the project…

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3 Biggest Challenges for Engineering Consultancies in 2024

In 2024, engineering consultancies working on complex projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors are facing significant challenges. These challenges demand adaptability, innovation, and resilience. With the race to net zero, constant technological advancement, and a scarcity of skilled professionals, it has never been more important for these service providers…

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Best practice in project management - Proteus project software

Excellence Unveiled: Best Practices for Comprehensive Engineering Project Management

In the UK engineering sector, ensuring best practices in project management is paramount to success. In this blog, we will explore what are the best practices for project management in the fields of oil and gas, renewables and engineering. Introduction to UK Engineering Landscape In the UK energy and engineering…

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Proteus Oracle Ms Planner Ecosys compared

How Proteus stacks up against other project management software: Proteus, Oracle Primavera P6, MS Planner, and Ecosys compared

There are many project management software options available. So how does Proteus stick up against the competition? Getting the right technology in place can have a huge impact on project success, streamlining key workflows and delivering best practice processes. Our customers at Proteus have given us great feedback. We want…

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