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How to Use Project Management Software to Support Digital Transformation

At Proteus, we are all about project management software, but we spend a lot of time talking about a more strategic concept: digital transformation. It is not just us: our clients do, investors do, and governments do, in fact, any leader with an ambitious agenda to drive success is talking about digital transformation.…

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data driven project management

Data-driven Project Management

How Proteus Helps Business Leaders Unleash the Power of Data Data-driven project management is fundamental to achieving successful outcomes. For companies prioritising digital transformation, data is key to improving operations, communication, and business growth. Unfortunately, for projects involving multiple teams, work packages and contractors, it can be extremely difficult to…

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investing in digital transformation

Why Companies are Investing in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword, it's a reality for many companies: over the last few years, most businesses have realized that they need to invest in digital transformation and achieve digital acceleration in order to stay competitive. ''70% of businesses will increase or maintain their investment in digital…

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planning a work breakdown structure

What is a Work Breakdown Structure…

…and why do all project teams need one? The standout feature in the Proteus work management solution is the unique way in which it manages the work breakdown structure. Work breakdown structures might not be a part of your company’s common language for managing projects. In fact, if you are…

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how to do accurate project cost estimation

How to Make Accurate Project Cost Estimation

Project cost estimation is an essential part of project management, as it provides a basis for project planning and funding. Accurate cost estimation helps to ensure that a project will not run over budget, and it can also help to avoid scope creep by identifying potential cost overruns early on.…

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technology skills

Technology Skills you Should Learn to Succeed in the Energy Sector

Wherever you look, change is happening: in society, business and in the way we live and work. In recent years, every industrial sector and economy around the world has been experiencing disruptive change at an unprecedented pace. As technology and new ways of working have transformed other major industries, leaders…

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time and productivity

How to Keep on top of Time and Productivity to run a Successful Project

Project managers constantly juggle time and productivity in order to keep their projects on track. The more efficient and productive you are, the more successful your project will be. Juggling so many balls at one time can seem daunting, but with the right tools and tips, it can be done.…

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windfall tax

The Impact of the Energy Profits Levy (windfall tax)

A one-off tax devised to redirect windfall profits from oil and gas companies to UK households struggling with soaring energy bills has provoked mixed reactions. We look at what Rishi Sunak’s Energy Profits Levy (‘windfall tax’) means for sector investment and net zero commitments What is the windfall tax?  So,…

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Why Proteus Leads the Way in Delivering Accuracy

Accuracy. The key to every project in any sector. Energy projects are complex, unwieldy, strung across geographies and time zones. Things go wrong. Stakeholders have competing priorities. Spanners are thrown in works. External events beyond the project manager’s control necessitate a handbrake turn, or perhaps a minor, but costly diversion.…

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