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The Significance of Baselining and Forecasting in Projects

Baselining and forecasting are both important in running successful projects. Baselining provides a solid foundation to measure performance while forecasting helps project managers anticipate and address challenges.  Baselines and forecasts are important in project controls, helping with planning, monitoring, and adapting to project changes. Together, they enable project teams to…

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An Interview with our Head of Customer Success, Nick Nooren

Proteus recently onboarded a new client, a global consultancy delivering projects in the energy sector for leading developers and operators. We met with the Head of Proteus’ Customer Success team, Nick Nooren, to learn more about our partnership with this client and to find out about the solution we have…

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Key Project Management Terms and Acronyms 

The language surrounding project management is vast and with so many different phrases and acronyms flying about it can get confusing. So whether you’re looking to learn about project management or just need a refresher, we’ve compiled a list of simplified definitions for the most important project management acronyms and…

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What is Software as a Service (SaaS)

Technology is constantly evolving and transforming the way that businesses operate. In an age of digital transformation, software as a service (SaaS) is rapidly gaining popularity and, in most sectors, has replaced traditional on-premises software. SaaS is great for businesses, big or small, because it helps with teamwork, makes work…

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Artificial Intelligence in Project management

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Project Management

Artificial intelligence (AI) has rapidly become a buzzword across global industries. Project management is no different. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find an article or podcast surrounding project management that does not mention artificial intelligence. Broadly speaking, AI is a branch of computer science that provides algorithms to ‘think’…

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Project Controls vs Project Management

Project Controls vs. Project Management: What is the Difference?

People often use the terms "project management" and "project controls" interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. Project controls are a subset of project management. In this blog, we will define both project management and project controls and explore how they are distinct from one another.  It is important…

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Project Life Cycle | Proteus Project Software

The Phases of the Project Life Cycle and Improving Project Efficiency

Managing a complex engineering project is a challenging task and there is a lot that can go wrong. The project life cycle is a framework that breaks projects into smaller steps for better management. This helps project teams navigate projects from beginning to end in a controlled and consistent manner. …

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Project controls solutions - Proteus Project Software

Project Delays and Cost Overruns: Analysing Failure Factors and Navigating Effective Project Controls Solutions

The successful completion of a project on time and within budget is a pervasive challenge of project controls faced by project teams worldwide. Despite the advances in project management tools, project controls solutions, and methodologies, statistics show that 72.5% of project managers fail to consistently meet the agreed project schedule,…

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Project Cost Management | Proteus Project Software

Controlling Project Costs: How Cost Management Benefits Projects

Staying on budget, meeting deadlines, and delivering high-quality outcomes determine project success. Whether it is a project in the energy sector, engineering or construction, cost management is essential to keeping your project’s financial performance on the right track.  Not managing costs properly can lead to going over budget, which can…

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