Extracting project data | Proteus Project Software

The Ultimate Guide to Extracting Project Data from an ERP System

For any team running a detailed engineering project, data is the foundation on which successful outcomes are built. Project managers rely on accurate and real-time information to make informed decisions, track progress, allocate resources, and ensure project success. At Proteus we find our clients come to us with legacy Enterprise…

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Renewable energy projects uk - Proteus Project Software

Harnessing Nature’s Power: The Importance of Renewable Energy Projects in the UK

In recent years, the global shift towards renewable energy has gained significant momentum, and the UK has emerged as a frontrunner in this green revolution. As the world grapples with the urgent need to reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change, renewable energy projects have taken centre stage, offering a…

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10 project management terms / Proteus Project Software

10 Essential Project Management Terms You Need to Know

Do you know your project management terms? Project management is a broad discipline, used in many industries, from complex engineering infrastructure programs to creative design projects. Regardless of the project content, staying on top of the latest terminology and concepts is crucial to ensure successful project execution. Whether you are…

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What are project controls - Proteus Project Software

What Are Project Controls?

Project controls are an essential way to identify bottlenecks in your projects and push things through quicker. In this blog, we'll look at how using project controls in project management fits into the processes we use in Proteus. What are project controls? Project controls are the set of processes and…

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Environmental sustainability - Proteus project software

Improved Project Management Performance for Environmental Sustainability

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations have become a paramount concern for businesses worldwide. It's not just about moving away from traditional energy sources and focusing on renewable energy projects. The constant cry for sustainability has businesses keen on reducing their carbon footprint and aligning their operations with green initiatives.…

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Better proposals | Proteus Project Software

Mastering the Proposal Process: How to Stand Out in a Competitive Market

In today's competitive market, it's essential for businesses to have a clear and effective proposal process to stand out from the competition. But with so many factors to consider, including pricing, deadlines, and project scope, it can be challenging to create a winning proposal that captures clients' attention. Fortunately, mastering…

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Project controls in project management | Proteus Project Software

10 Ways to Improve Project Controls in Project Management

Improving project controls in project management means focusing on what is physically happening on the project and comparing this to what was planned. 10 ways project controls can be improved are: Automate data collection and analysis Adopt project management methodologies Implement a robust change control process Use project management software…

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data driven project management

Data Driven Decision Making in Project Management

How Proteus Helps Business Leaders Unleash the Power of Data What is data driven decision making? Data driven decision making in project management is fundamental to achieving successful outcomes. For companies prioritising digital transformation, data is key to improving operations, communication, and business growth. Unfortunately, for projects involving multiple teams,…

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WBS performance - Proteus Project Software

Work Breakdown Structure Example to Boost Productivity and Efficiency

A Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is a tool used in project management to break down a large, complex project into smaller, more manageable tasks. This tree hierarchy structure (work breakdown structure waterfall model) helps to organize the project and allocate resources efficiently. Using a WBS is an effective way to…

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