Contract Management

Manage all your master service contracts and call-off contracts in Proteus. These contracts are used throughout your project planning and proposal writing, eliminating errors and bringing speed and efficiency.

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Store charge-out rates

All master services contracts and call off contracts between your company and any third party or client are stored in the Contracts database. This is where your agreed charge-out rates for specific clients are stored.

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Contracts index - Proteus Project Software
Using contract rates - Proteus Project Software

Eliminate errors

When you are planning a project, you select the appropriate contract and it populates all of the key areas including expenses, payment terms and markups. As this comes from a database it eliminates errors.

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Create and maintain rate tables

Only authorised users can manage the content of these rate tables and can also control if other users can override these rates in Proposals. Different rates can be added for labour, equipment and software rates based on or duration.

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Contract rates - Proteus Project Software

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