Dashboards & Reporting

Proteus dashboards allow you to assess and monitor performance and review your organisation, assets, projects, and financials all in one place.

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Detailed dashboards give you the control you need

Proteus’ dashboards and reporting give level-restricted access to all members of the project team allowing you to view capacity, progress, deliverables, finance, asset utilisation, timesheets, red flags, and all KPIs and metrics associated with your projects. 

Review and assess past performance

All project details are captured and saved, giving you the opportunity to review past project performance and use details for future proposals and projects. You can also include key learnings, opportunities, and details on future areas for improvement.

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Dashboard Forecast

Quick dashboards for easy review

Proteus’ summary dashboards and quick filtering options saves you time by allowing you to access select rich bite-sized data across the Proteus work management solution.

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Fast reporting

Create automated reports which give you regular updates directly to team members and project stakeholders.

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Dashboard Budget

Our Clients Speak

The simplicity of use , the professional templates, and the functionality it offers me to capture all aspects of my resource management in one place.

Alan B. Vice President, Oil & Energy Sector

Ease of use, great support, live project management tracking and simple CRM function.

Graham M. Project Director, Oil & Energy Sector