Work Breakdown Structure

The Work Breakdown Structure is at the heart of Proteus, giving you a visual hierarchy of your deliverables. The WBS powers your projects giving you the big picture as well as a detailed view of your project’s performance.

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Divide your project into a hierarchy of tasks

The Proteus WBS uses a hierarchical tree composition to organise project objectives into deliverables and activities. This structure helps to create a work breakdown structure and ensures that all the necessary work is included in each task.

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WBS hierarchy - Proteus Project Software
Using contract rates - Proteus Project Software

Utilise your team's capacity

When creating the WBS, you can allocate team members to specific high-level or individual tasks and deliverables. View each team member's capacity and ensure that your team is fully utilized across the project.

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Power your proposals and projects

The WBS is created as you develop your new proposal in Proteus. Deliverable-based, the WBS details the costs, resources, project milestones, procurement, and ad hoc expenses. Once the project is approved and converted to a project, live dashboards will give you ongoing updates in real time.

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WBS resources - Proteus Project Software
Project gantt chart - Proteus Project Software

Manage your project schedule

Gantt charts automatically show the start and end dates for each activity and critical milestone. Using the deliverable-oriented hierarchical decomposition in the WBS, the Gantt chart is displayed in real-time. Project leaders can review and assess the impact that incremental changes to project detail can have on the delivery.

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Review project performance

Dashboards show the project's performance down to the lowest level of the WBS. This includes the percentage of project work completed against the schedule, the deliverables, the work in progress, what has been invoiced to date, and how much remains in the budget.

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WBS performance - Proteus Project Software

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