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Submit better proposals faster. The proposal builder streamlines your proposal development process allowing you to add automated data, timelines, and charts to templates, control and pre-approve the source data across the full proposal, and ensure that every proposal you develop is accurate and error-free.

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Create accurate project proposals

At the heart of all your proposals in Proteus is the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). This holds key project information including budget, costs, resources, deliverables, milestones, team, and ad hoc expenses.

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Accurate proposals - Proteus Project Software
Proposal template in MS Word - Proteus Project Software

Automate your proposals

Proteus provides you with accurate, data-rich document-ready graphs, GANTT charts, organograms, timelines, and tables for you to add straight into your proposal.

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Showcase your project team

Proteus stores a detailed profile for every team member you want to consider for a project. You can easily add CVs directly into your proposal as well as photos and organograms.

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Add team to proposal - Proteus Project Software
Multiple rates - Proteus Project Software

Work with multiple rate cards

Proteus allows you to utilise multiple rate cards for each contract. This can include different currencies or different units such as a day rate, hourly rate, or project rate, ensuring your proposals are accurate and your budgets are correct.

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Utilise your case studies

A project summary is stored for each completed project giving you a solid database of past experience, which you can use to enhance and continuously improve future projects or add to proposals.

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Customise proposals - Proteus Project Software
MS Word block add on - Proteus Project Software

Control your proposal templates.

Proteus integrates seamlessly with Microsoft, any changes you make to your proposal in Proteus are automatically reflected on your saved file in SharePoint. The proposal builder allows you to easily add details such as price, team, experience, and schedule.

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