Work Packages

Proteus gives you control over every detail of your project through the work packages featured within your Work Breakdown Summary (WBS) setup, allowing you to manage your project at a macro and a micro level.

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Manage multiple project work packages

Projects are split into work packages, each with clearly defined scope, time frame, inputs, and deliverables, allowing you to oversee mini-projects that are in progress at the same time. There is no limit to the number of work packages you can include in your project.

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Make changes to your project

Across all work packages, you can add variances to manage project changes, as well as add markups. You can modify by all cost types whether these are internal or external resources.

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Review your performance in detail

Dynamic graphs display your planned progress, actual progress, and forecasted progress in real-time. Use periodic reporting to share data on a weekly or monthly basis for each work package.

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Control your WIP, invoices, and deliverables.

View work that has been delivered or is currently in progress, as well as all work invoiced to date or not yet invoiced, allowing you to get an accurate view of your budgets and costs.

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