Proteus Pricing

Our experienced team of engineers, project management experts, and software developers leverage years of industry leadership to build solutions that drive success. This process is flexible and collaborative: we work closely with every client to deliver technology fit for purpose.

Standard Features

Ideal for teams running repeatable projects, Proteus' standard features are commonly used by our smaller clients. Including all the features needed to plan and manage projects, teams can seamlessly convert project plans into working projects; manage people, resources and time and track financial information.

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Standard Features

Develop accurate project plans in Proposals Manage WBS activities in Projects Review and assess performance in Project Controls Track hours and resources using Timesheets Manage resources in Purchasing Manage project finances in Invoicing Integration with MS365

Advanced Features

In addition to the standard features, we offer a more detailed level of functionality for teams who run more complex projects and need detailed WBS hierarchies. Advanced Baseline and Forecasting features offer teams powerful control over resourcing. The Bid/ No-bid feature facilitates easy project evaluation and is ideal for teams who need to assess new business opportunities. Procurement features offers the ability to track third party costs in a project environment. The inter-office functionality allows teams to operate in multiple currencies.

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Advanced Features

Evaluate opportunities with Bid/ No-Bid Develop accurate project pricing plans Manage inter-office projects & multiple currencies Plan complex projects with Resource Scheduling Baseline and Forecasting tools for advanced control Assess performance in Project Controls with specified metrics e.g. VOWD Get oversight with Approval Workflows Track third party costs with Procurement features Manage Cashflow Manage incoming and outgoing POs and invoicing

Timesheet-only users can be added. Our in-house development team offers specialist integrations and additional APIs. Dedicated, extended Customer Service Support is also available.

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We offer Enterprise packages and flexible pricing solutions: contact our team to learn more.