The complete work management solution

Proteus is a low-cost feature-rich project management solution that helps you move faster, deliver more projects, and generate more revenue through end-to-end work management, and effective project delivery methodologies. Proteus pricing starts at $35 per user. We offer flexible tiers to cater to more complex enterprise clients as well as more basic timesheet users only. For bespoke development, our team can discuss your requirements and at an additional cost, we can build the APIs and functionality you need.

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Keeping work simplified

Evaluate project opportunities Develop accurate proposals Stay in control of your projects Win more business Convert proposals to working projects Create plans with zero errors View everything in one place Seamless integration Build and cost hybrid teams and resources Manage multi-user workflows and documents Stay in control of your projects and hours Track your projects in real-time Control your costs Spot red flags early Review and assess performance 100% accuracy 100% of the time Quick dashboards for easy review Fast reporting