Maximizing Project Success with Value of Work Done (VOWD)

The Value of Work Done (VOWD) is important for oil, gas, and renewable energy projects as it shows a combination of progress and financial performance. Ensuring the successful completion of a complex project requires comprehensive control over various aspects including quality, quantity, costs, and schedules. Continuous monitoring throughout the project…

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Project controls solutions - Proteus Project Software

Project Delays and Cost Overruns: Analysing Failure Factors and Navigating Effective Project Controls Solutions

The successful completion of a project on time and within budget is a pervasive challenge of project controls faced by project teams worldwide. Despite the advances in project management tools, project controls solutions, and methodologies, statistics show that 72.5% of project managers fail to consistently meet the agreed project schedule,…

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Project Tracking - Proteus Project Software

Exploring Innovative Project Tracking Methods

The competitive world of large projects (such as those found in industries like infrastructure or oil, gas and renewables) demands precision, efficiency, and a keen eye on the bottom line. Effective project tracking is the key to guiding project managers towards success. Imagine embarking on a journey without a map…

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CPI vs SPI - Proteus Project Software

Analyzing Project Progress: CPI vs SPI

With decades of experience working on energy sector projects, the Proteus team is more than aware of the challenges that come with managing complex initiatives. We have found that our clients rely on accessing accurate project data to ensure project success. This allows our clients to closely monitor progress and…

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Project performance assessment - Proteus Project Software

Assessing Project Performance in Real-time: A Guide for Business Leaders

Project performance assessment is an intrinsic part of the project management process. Assessing project performance enables you to determine how well you are managing the project, and how likely you are to get the desired results as per the timeline and budget specifications.  Project managers need to determine and keep…

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Forecasting project finances - Proteus Project Software

How Do I Forecast Project Finances Accurately?  Project Management Forecasting Explained.

Project finances are important to accurately forecast to successfully control project management budgets. Project management forecasting is the basis of all project planning, quantitative or qualitative, and use sophisticated or simple statistical models or algorithms. Forecasts are crucial for determining large capital investment projects' economic viability and project finance ability…

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Single source of truth - Proteus Project Software

Why You Need a Single Source of Truth

Have you heard about a single source of truth? Organizing data is a difficult task for many companies that run complex projects. They often struggle with data-related issues such as a lack of collaboration, data integrity, and data quality issues. We see this often amongst our clients before they onboard…

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Proteus project management - Proteus project software

Use Proteus Project Management Software to Improve Your Bottom Line

Project management software sits at the heart of Proteus.  Project management software is nothing new. In fact, one quick look through the software review site Capterra and you will find 100s of really well-reviewed, highly established software platforms promising to dramatically increase your business success.  The best project management software is supposed…

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Project management tools - Proteus Project Software

Too Many Project Management Tools?

The tyranny of choice: does it seem like are too many project management tools out there to choose from? Why are there so many different types of tools (and whilst we are at it, why do so many have three-word acronyms like ERP, PPM, PSA, CPM, etc)? The answer is…

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