Three Reasons why a Business Operating System Works for Your Organisation

Xergy GroupSeptember 12, 2020
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A business operating system, (or work management solution) is designed to connect all the parts of an organisation. It provides the building blocks that enable all your stakeholders to work together seamlessly. Connecting teams, suppliers, and colleagues together through a system or process that helps you manage and achieve your business strategy.

Proteus’ business operating system can transform the way in which businesses work and the way in which they source and use talent to resource and deliver projects. 

Originally designed to meet the specific challenges facing energy companies, Proteus is not just for them. Proteus can change the way you work, manage your business, make you more efficient, and improve your margins. Proteus is suitable for any company in any sector.

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What is a business operating system?

You might well be wondering what a business operating system is exactly. In truth, it is a flexible descriptor: for some, it is a product e.g. a piece of software, yet for others, it is a methodology or way of working. Either way, the key is that a business operating system brings together all the processes used in a company. It gets everyone on the same page.

Business operating systems lie at the heart of every successful business (even if they are not named in this way). It defines how you win, organise, and deliver work. It is the combination of business structure and business processes, rolled together with tools and systems that are unique to your company. A business operating system provides clarity in a busy world of project deadlines. It keeps you on track and it helps you deliver successful projects.

In the context of Proteus, our end-to-end project management software for engineering consultancies, when we talk about a business operating system, we are talking about a few things:

  • Firstly, we feel Proteus as a tool that pulls together processes and integrates with software performs that critical role of bringing together project workflows.
  • Secondly, when you implement software like Proteus, as a company you are forced to bring that all-important structure t your ways of working.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, Proteus gives you control and visibility over the key indicators for success.

Here are 3 reasons why Proteus works for your business.

Proteus is very simple to use

In life as in business, it’s the simple things that often make the biggest difference. Digital technology can only transform a business if people use it and they will only use it if it’s simple.

ERP systems have been around for a long time. But they are clunky and complicated. For a cloud-based operating system to change the way you work, it must help you manage your business, become more efficient and save time, as simply and quickly as possible.

Proteus has been designed with simplicity in mind. It is highly intuitive, so it’s easy to use. It has everything you need, all in one place, driving consistency and improving productivity. 

Proteus streamlines business workflows and puts everything your business needs in a database structure with single-point data entry and a document numbering system. It facilitates and promotes remote working and team collaboration in a way that can digitally transform your business. 

Any operation can be completed in just a few simple clicks.

Use Proteus to minimise overheads

Most businesses work on a fixed-cost model with significant overheads, including people, property and other business support infrastructure. Headcounts go up and down and this leads to fluctuating costs. In order to better manage people and spaces, that lead to costs, smart companies and modern approaches to work have seen an influx of flexible working. But traditional companies aren’t ready to embrace this change of culture. 

By modernising and building businesses on the best technology platforms, businesses can push forward from a position of strength, using cloud-based operating systems to make working flexibly and remotely, simple and successful. 

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Proteus will provide a single source of truth

Proteus’ business operating system provides a single source of truth by first providing a single interface to gather and visualise data. Many of the companies using Proteus’s project management software have a similar set of difficulties, regardless of their size. As an example, we have a major EPC client with over 20,000 global employees using Proteus as well as a small xxx with less than 50 employees. The types of projects these two companies run on Proteus are vastly different. However, in both these cases, the need to access accurate data intelligence throughout the full project lifecycle is at the forefront of their objectives. For both, the demand for data-driven insights is increasing as margins are squeezed, and the need for advanced project controls data is also on the rise. A generic project management tool or ERP that does basic task management simply does not do the job.

Are you ready for a new operating model?

Extremely simple to use, Proteus is the emerging digital technology that will help you control costs and manage the way in which you work.

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About Xergy and Proteus

Xergy Group’s Proteus work management solution is designed to work with your existing systems and to scale and evolve as your business evolves. Created by project management leaders, for the diversified engineering consultancy sector. Proteus delivers an end-to-end work management software platform with detailed workflows from the early opportunity stage through to project delivery, compliant with common project management frameworks and ISO standards.

How to get Proteus?

Proteus’ project management software is a cloud-based system designed for businesses of all sizes to handle projects of unlimited complexity. Each Proteus feature is aimed at making bottom-line improvements by improving proposal win rates, resource utilization, streamlining workflows, providing quick and efficient access to resources, and reducing overheads.

One of the unique advantages of Proteus is that we offer a free onboarding consultation service to ensure the company account is set up according to your company’s needs. This makes getting your company up and running on Proteus quick and easy. Get your free Proteus demo here.

Proteus operates under a software as a service (SaaS) model costing $35 per user per month. See Proteus pricing for more info. Billing is monthly or annually with two months free if paid annually.

We designed Proteus to be simple, and that means you can get up and running on Proteus without an IT team or support from a programmer. You will want to spend a bit of time configuring the admin console so that you have everything set up to suit your company structure, but it’s very intuitive, and you don’t need a PhD in IT. However, we want you to get the best out of what is a brilliantly powerful tool, so don’t hesitate to ask for our support. We have a team of customer success experts who are ready to help you with the configuration process, so get in touch today by completing the form below.

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