Data-driven decisions in resource management - Proteus Project Software

A Practical Guide on Making Data-Driven Decisions in Resource Management

Resource management is a critical aspect of project management that has the potential to make or break the success of a project.  Project managers are responsible for effective planning, scheduling, and allocation of resources, for example, people, equipment, software, and expenses. They also need to maximise their utilisation throughout the…

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James McCallum, Chairman, Xergy | Energy Transition | Proteus Project Software

Energy Transition in 2023 by James McCallum, Chairman, Xergy

Gulf Intelligence 13th Global UAE Energy Forum Last week I attended the Gulf Intelligence 13th Global UAE Energy Forum. I was alongside Bill Spindle, Climate and Energy Journalist, and Richard Redoglia, CEO of Matrix Global Holdings. Our topic of discussion was ‘The West: How the arm wrestle between energy security…

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Change-makers in Project Teams | Proteus Project Software

Why Project Teams Need Change-Makers

Does your company focus on change-makers? If you are uncertain why this is an important question, here is another one: What makes the difference between a project team that repeatedly overspends, misses deadlines, reduces overall profit, and just about scrapes by and a project team that can turn this scenario…

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Why projects fail - Proteus Project Software

Why do Some Projects Fail? It Comes Down to 3 Factors (and Excel)

Projects fail. All the time. According to the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) 2021 Pulse of the Profession report, a staggering 48%[1] of energy projects in 2020 were failures. So it’s natural to ask: why do projects fail? Back in 2007 the PMI’s researchers broke the reasons for project failure down into…

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business operating system

Three Reasons why a Business Operating System Works for Your Organisation

A business operating system, (or work management solution) is designed to connect all the parts of an organisation. It provides the building blocks that enable all your stakeholders to work together seamlessly. Connecting teams, suppliers, and colleagues together through a system or process that helps you manage and achieve your…

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