Project Procurement

Project finance dashboards give your finance and project management teams greater visibility and control over financials. Your finance team maintains control over the core data, however, the project management team can quickly review financial forecasts or the impact of changes on current projects, improving overall communication between departments and clients.

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Manage payment schedules

Use Proteus' project finance features to create, issue, and manage invoices in line with contracted payment schedules, with every step automated, keeping your project cash flow healthy.

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Project invoices - Proteus Project Software
Contract rates - Proteus Project Software

Improve your cost estimations

Pre-approved rates and agreed charge-out rates during the setup of your WBS ensure accurate cost and profitability estimates, resulting in zero errors.

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Control client and supplier work

Proteus allows you to monitor and identify potential issues across both work for clients as well as work from suppliers, including bottlenecks, overdue invoices, and other factors which could result in financial issues.

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Control resources - Proteus Project Software
Integrate with finance erp - Proteus Project Software

Finance management integrations

We can integrate with the world's leading finance management systems such as Xero. If you have an existing finance management solution, let us know and we can give you more details on our bespoke integration services.

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