Admin Console & Configuration

Proteus is configured to meet your company structure and requirements using built-in databases for your team members, companies, assets, and contracts. Separately, the Admin Console allows you to fit Proteus to your company structure. Much of the standard company data entered here is used throughout Proteus, creating the backbone of every proposal and project.

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Create hybrid teams

Proteus allows you to store details of all your employees, freelancers, and offline users that are available to be allocated to an upcoming project, no matter where they are in the world. Team profiles are stored centrally and can be easily attached to proposals.

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Manage your users

There are 6 user roles ranging from admin user through to timesheet only. The Admin Console is only accessible by users with Admin access, maintaining data privacy and data security. Average cost rates, for example, are edited in the Admin Console ensuring 100% accuracy and data control.

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Manage your contracted rates

The contracts database is where your agreed charge-out rates are stored. When you are planning a project you will only be able to select from the pre-approved rates for the proposal. This also includes the correct financial markups and payment terms.

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Secure your data

Proteus keeps your data secure through its hosting infrastructure, encrypted sign-on, and multi-level user permissions. In addition to this Proteus meets ISO 27001 standards. If your business requires additional or specific security control solutions we can provide bespoke integration solutions. services.

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Manage your global business

Office locations, departments, business units, and teams can all be added to include their unique information such as currency, invoice address, and staff structure.

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Configure Proteus for your company

Much of the terminology used across Proteus is configurable within the Admin Console. Proteus can accommodate varying company structures, referencing systems, and office setups. Our Customer Success team can help you fit Proteus to your needs.

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