Admin Console

The Admin Console is where Proteus is configured to meet your company structure and requirements. Much of the standard company data entered here is used throughout Proteus, creating the backbone of every proposal and project.

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Manage your users

There are 6 user roles ranging from admin user through to timesheet only. The Admin Console is only accessible by users with Admin access, maintaining data privacy and data security. Average cost rates, for example, are edited in the Admin Console ensuring 100% accuracy and data control.

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Multiple rates - Proteus Project Software
Departments grades disciplines - Proteus Project Software

Manage your global business

Office locations, departments, business units, and teams can all be added to include their unique information such as currency, invoice address, and staff structure.

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Configure Proteus for your company

Much of the terminology used across Proteus is configurable within the Admin Console. Proteus can accommodate varying company structures, and office setups. Our Customer Success team can help you fit Proteus to your needs.

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Configure your terminology - Proteus Project Software
Configure references - Proteus Project Software

Manage your references

Proteus allows you to add or create your own document numbering and reference system. This is used automatically throughout Proteus as you plan and manage your projects ensuring 100% consistency.

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