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Streamlining and centralising workflows

Xergy GroupJanuary 1, 2022
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XL Group Case Study

The Challenge

XL Group is a multi-disciplinary technology company that specialises in telecommunications, process control, fire and gas ESD, metering and business critical IT applications. XL Group operates a multi-discipline team across international offices and sites, largely relying on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets for all workflows and tracking in the business. Getting a clear view of the global business without major reconciliation was difficult and involved multiple spreadsheets and data sources. The heavy reliance on spreadsheets was also making project control slow and prone to human error, particularly around time and invoicing.

The Solution

Proteus was implemented across the entire business, ultimately unifying all business units and centralising all data and information in one space. Each business unit was onboarded to Proteus giving the XL Group leadership team immediate visibility into all projects, as well as business performance. For the teams this meant that all data such as hourly rates, volume, and timeframes were controlled through the Proteus backend, as well as giving all teams access to approved company templates for tenders, project management and billing.

The Result

Using Proteus, XL Group now operates with consistency across all business units, human error has been removed and documents and data have been centralised. In addition data can be viewed via the dashboards for each project, each business unit or across the entire company. Access to data has been set according to XL Group’s own internal policies with dashboards providing regular useful information via Proteus or through email reports.  Proposals are now produced using the pre-approved costs decided by XL Group and added to Proteus and 100% accuracy and consistency has now been achieved.  Proposals are now produced on average in 3 hours as opposed to 2 days, significantly improving company output and overall performance for XL Group. 


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Client: XL Group

Category: Multi-discipline Technology Group

Company Size: 30-50

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