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Controlling manpower and equipment costs

Xergy GroupJanuary 1, 2022
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OEM case study

The Challenge

OEM Group is an engine service company who operates in three international locations, two of which are in the Middle East. Each project requires manpower and equipment, and in the case of equipment,  they may have some in stock, but other items may need to be purchased specifically for a project or task. In addition OEM Group rent equipment to clients for short and long term projects. They previously used a workflow system to purchase equipment, however this system was limited in functionality and was only accessed by a small number of staff. 

The challenge was controlling manpower costs and equipment costs for both purchasing and rental, quickly and accurately reviewing availability, and monitoring equipment usage. In addition as the company expanded OEM Group was finding team and project management integration across the three international sites a challenge.

The Solution

The key to success for OEM Group was in being able to quickly produce quotes both accurately and consistently, bringing all elements together, including hours, equipment in stock and purchased equipment. Our Custom Success Team and OEM Groups assigned Customer Success Manager worked closely with OEM Group to set up Proteus and add all stock items into the Assets Database. Engineering time tracking was also set up using the Proteus. This allowed the onshore and offshore teams to log their time either on their computer or via the mobile app.

The Result

OEM Group can now prepare and track all proposals and projects across all three sites using Proteus.  In addition, the resource scheduling tool allows the business to review the availability of all equipment, staff, and contractors, as well as assess future resourcing levels. OEM Group teams are highly mobile with a lot of movement between all three sites, the simplicity of logging into Proteus anywhere at any time has proved to be invaluable.


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Client: OEM Group Ltd

Category: Engineering

Company Size: 20-30

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