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Accuracy. The key to every project in any sector. Energy projects are complex, unwieldy, and strung across geographies and time zones. Things go wrong. Stakeholders have competing priorities. Spanners are thrown in the works. External events beyond the project manager’s control necessitate a handbrake turn, or perhaps a minor, but costly diversion.

So far so what. There’s nothing new here and many experienced energy sector project managers embrace the complexities and challenges that often go hand-in-hand with delivering a high-risk, high-cost project with a remote project team dispersed across the globe.

Some external and macro situations the project manager cannot control. Others are a needless drain on time, resources, and finances.

At Proteus, we have, collectively, over 100 years of energy sector project management experience and we have seen it all.

So, when we observe projects delayed or even derailed by inefficient, siloed, or dated project controls, processes, and systems, we know there is a better way. We know what can go wrong. We also know what can go right. And we developed the Proteus project management system to be your most accurate and efficient end-to-end work management tool.

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How does Proteus maximise accuracy and efficiency across projects? 

We asked our Proteus product experts to summarise the most common weaknesses they see when planning a project for successful execution. Errors they cite include:

  • accuracy gaps from relying on old data and costing;
  • versioning mistakes;
  • delays caused by manual updates;
  • poor visibility of quote logs;
  • lack of clarity in resource allocation;
  • and basic (but costly) formatting errors

… the list goes on. 

So how does Proteus help project teams avoid accuracy challenges and weaknesses? 

Our Proteus product experts say they focus on three key areas in a client’s project lifecycle: visibility, consistency, and standardisation.

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Solution: Full proposal-to-planning integration

  • Rapidly build accurate project pricing and documents
    • Pricing: The project plan pulls accurate detail and costs from approved contracts. 
    • Documents: With the click of a button pull error-free data and content from pricing, CVs, and experience lists into approved templates, maximising consistency and brand protection.
  • Accuracy challenges addressed
    • Pricing: Avoid the multiple scenarios dreaded by project managers – inadvertently using old costs, resulting in inaccurate margins. Poor contract versioning controls with the wrong rates applied. Poor quote log visibility. And the old ‘spreadsheet on desktop’ nightmare. 
    • Documents: Avoid consistency errors with old branding, wrong reference numbers, and hard-to-manipulate tables built-in Word docs. Avoid unnecessary and time-wasting org chart creation. Avoid the need to brand and reformat CVs at the last minute. Avoid having to pull together detailed experience lists at the final hour. 

Solution: Live updates on Proteus project dashboards 

  • Dashboard reports provide ongoing live updates at all stages of a project
    • Resources approval.  
    • Timely communication between teams. 
    • Features project controls with S-curves and forecasting.
    • Effectively manages outgoing PO workflow.
    • Manages variation tracking.
  • Accuracy challenges addressed:
    • Project managers are empowered to respond to live project data and updates, avoiding the discovery of missed deadlines and budget overruns after the fact.
    • Project managers can export real-time data, and pinpoint and address areas of concern in a timely manner.
    • Potential or existing bottlenecks are visible. The comprehensive approval matrix prevents any rogue POs.
    • Variation visibility means a new scope is clearly defined, with pending variations easy to chase. 

The Proteus end-to-end work management solution addresses the challenges project managers face daily when planning complex energy projects. 

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About Xergy and Proteus

Xergy Group’s Proteus work management solution is designed to work with your existing systems and to scale and evolve as your business evolves. Created by project management leaders, for the diversified engineering consultancy sector. Proteus delivers an end-to-end work management software platform with detailed workflows from the early opportunity stage through to project delivery, compliant with common project management frameworks and ISO standards.

How to get Proteus?

Proteus’ project management software is a cloud-based system designed for businesses of all sizes to handle projects of unlimited complexity. Each Proteus feature is aimed at making bottom-line improvements by improving proposal win rates, resource utilization, streamlining workflows, providing quick and efficient access to resources, and reducing overheads.

One of the unique advantages of Proteus is that we offer a free onboarding consultation service to ensure the company account is set up according to your company’s needs. This makes getting your company up and running on Proteus quick and easy. Get your free Proteus demo here.

We recommend getting setup on a free trial. Proteus operates under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. We offer Enterprise packages and flexible pricing solutions: contact our team to learn more.

We designed Proteus to be simple, and that means you can get up and running on Proteus without an IT team or support from a programmer. You will want to spend a bit of time configuring the admin console so that you have everything set up to suit your company structure, but it’s very intuitive, and you don’t need a PhD in IT. However, we want you to get the best out of what is a brilliantly powerful tool, so don’t hesitate to ask for our support. We have a team of customer success experts who are ready to help you with the configuration process, so get in touch today by completing the form below.

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