windfall tax

The Impact of the Energy Profits Levy (windfall tax)

A one-off tax devised to redirect windfall profits from oil and gas companies to UK households struggling with soaring energy bills has provoked mixed reactions. We look at what Rishi Sunak’s Energy Profits Levy (‘windfall tax’) means for sector investment and net zero commitments What is the windfall tax?  So,…

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generic task management

5 Reasons Generic Task Management Tools Don’t Work for Energy Projects 

Task management tools are used by individuals, teams, and organisations to plan and prioritise tasks and projects efficiently. The many off-the-shelf, generic task management tools on the market range from spreadsheets, to software and online project management platforms based on the Kanban board (a visual ‘note board’ style project management…

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enterprise resource management

Why use Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Energy Sector Projects

The unique ERP challenges of the energy sector The project delivery demands of every industry are unique. The global energy industry presents a particular set of challenges in its structure, the scale and complexity of projects, and its multiple stakeholders with competing demands. All this is compounded by what McKinsey…

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Is Green the New Black? Thoughts from Proteus’ Chairman and Co-Founder, Professor James McCallum

Is Green the New Black? Thoughts from Proteus’ Chairman and Co-Founder, Professor James McCallum

This week I joined Kelvin Ross from Enlit Europe's Power Engineering International as a speaker and panelist to discuss the topic, 'Green is the New Black', along with fellow panelists Chandran Jayabalan from Aggreko, Mika Tienhaara from ROCSOLE, and Michele Lauriola, from Baker Hughes.  Those who know me will know…

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Energy industry trends

Energy Industry Trends for 2022: Volatility, Resilience, and Transition

Carbon emission accounting and reporting will become a more dominant pressure for all industries. What will 2022 bring for the energy sector? Here are our three big predictions for this year and beyond. Volatility and opportunity Faced with the triple challenge of price swings, unpredictable renewables generation, and fluctuating demand,…

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4 Things Energy Sector CEOs are Doing in 2022 (Spoiler Alert: Decarbonisation is one!)

Business resilience, digital transformation, talent retention and decarbonisation will shape strategic direction We have arrived in 2022 facing continued challenges on the back of several years of global disruption. Businesses are emerging from the turmoil created by the Covid-19 pandemic, compounded by energy market volatility, geopolitical uncertainty, and the structural…

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digital transformation 2022

Digital Transformation in the Energy Sector in 2022

Digital transformation can help energy firms navigate a turbulent market, but they need to focus on practicalities, deliverable projects, appropriate partners, and organisational change.  If ever there was a year to talk about unprecedented challenges in the energy sector, 2022 is it. From wildly volatile prices and accelerating adoption of…

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Energy sector challenges

Top Challenges Energy Sector Companies Need to Overcome Today

The challenges energy sector companies have been facing over recent years have created multiple uncertainties for those working and running businesses in the industry. The World Energy Outlook 2021 report suggests renewables are set to account for almost 95% of the increase in global power capacity through to 2026. Despite this commodity,…

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connected working

Connected, Cost Efficient Working Key to the Industry’s Survival

Why connected working is essential to the energy sector's survival. At a time when cuts in production and a deepening demand crisis are at the forefront of the oil and gas industry’s challenges, access to talent might seem like tomorrow’s problem. Reeling from a commodity recession lasting almost seven years,…

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