investing in digital transformation

Why Companies are Investing in Digital Transformation

Digital transformation is no longer a buzzword, it's a reality for many companies: over the last few years most businesses have realized that they need to invest in digital transformation and achieve digital acceleration in order to stay competitive. ''70% of businesses will increase or maintain their investment in digital…

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technology skills

Technology Skills you Should Learn to Succeed in the Energy Sector

Wherever you look, change is happening: in society, business and in the way we live and work. In recent years, every industrial sector and economy around the world has been experiencing disruptive change at an unprecedented pace. As technology and new ways of working have transformed other major industries, leaders…

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time and productivity

How to Keep on top of Time and Productivity to run a Successful Project

Project managers constantly juggle time and productivity in order to keep their projects on track. The more efficient and productive you are, the more successful your project will be. Juggling so many balls at one time can seem daunting, but with the right tools and tips, it can be done.…

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What who why project management

The What, Who, When of Energy Project Management

Let's get back to basics with the what, who, when of energy project management. With today's energy sector up against large-scale challenges in the face of increasing environmental concerns along with a rising demand for fuel, companies across the energy sector are more than ever under pressure to deliver profitable…

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oil and gas projects

What are the Oil and Gas Project Problems That Proteus Solves?

Energy sector projects, not just oil and gas projects, but their closely related, more environmentally friendly (and more fashionable) renewable energy projects are highly complex. This is not news to anyone. They comprise a huge variety of types of work packages, all of which are time-consuming, high risk and often…

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generic task management

5 Reasons Generic Task Management Tools Don’t Work for Energy Projects 

Task management tools are used by individuals, teams, and organisations to plan and prioritise tasks and projects efficiently. The many off-the-shelf, generic task management tools on the market range from spreadsheets, to software and online project management platforms based on the Kanban board (a visual ‘note board’ style project management…

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enterprise resource management

Why use Enterprise Resource Planning Software for Energy Sector Projects

The unique ERP challenges of the energy sector The project delivery demands of every industry are unique. The global energy industry presents a particular set of challenges in its structure, the scale and complexity of projects, and its multiple stakeholders with competing demands. All this is compounded by what McKinsey…

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Is Green the New Black? Thoughts from Proteus’ Chairman and Co-Founder, Professor James McCallum

Is Green the New Black? Thoughts from Proteus’ Chairman and Co-Founder, Professor James McCallum

This week I joined Kelvin Ross from Enlit Europe's Power Engineering International as a speaker and panelist to discuss the topic, 'Green is the New Black', along with fellow panelists Chandran Jayabalan from Aggreko, Mika Tienhaara from ROCSOLE, and Michele Lauriola, from Baker Hughes.  Those who know me will know…

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project lifecycle

How Project Lifecycles Need Digital Solutions to Make Them Efficient

The typical project lifecycle framework encompasses the tools and protocols required to successfully manage and deliver project goals, taking a project from conception to completion.   The Association for Project Management (APM) describes the three most common project lifecycles as linear (or waterfall) with phases executed in sequential order; iterative (or…

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