5 Reasons why we Love Cloud-based Work Management Systems

Andrew Derrick, Sales Director, Xergy Group
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Are you using a cloud-based project management system? The working world, as we know it, has changed. Luckily most organisations were set up for virtual offices with relevant infrastructure in place to make home-based working possible.

Namely, cloud software.

Below, our head of sales, Andrew Derrick reveals the five reasons why he loves life in the cloud and ERP solutions.

Reduced costs

Initial costs of using remote cloud-based project management and adopting an ERP system are typically much lower than on-premise because you only need to implement the ERP software to your requirements and then access it through your computer’s internet connection.

Thereafter, you simply pay as you go and enjoy a subscription-based ERP platform that’s suited to you and your business’s needs.

In addition, cloud solutions for remote working can also reduce labour and maintenance costs. As a result of the hardware being owned by vendors and stored in off-site locations, there is less demand for an in-house IT department and the additional costs associated with this.

Quick to set up and implement

Just like smartphones, cloud software is relatively faster and easier to implement than a conventional installation. Instead of the weeks or months that a standard company-wide reboot or migration may take, cloud software deployment can happen in a matter of hours.

Not only that, but systems are typically available through a web browser and can quickly be learned and processed, giving employees less time waiting and more time working.

Cloud-based work management systems also grow alongside your business. They’re built to ensure maximum network performance and are adaptive to your needs unlike on-premise setups, where speed and performance rely on your in-house servers.


Alongside a streamlined approach to set up, cloud-based systems also offer a user-friendly platform that doesn’t require lengthy project management training. Once set up, most employees find the transition to this type of work management software easy to understand and are pro cloud-wizards before the end of their first week.

Proteus is proud to use AWS for its online filing cabinet. The world-class system and project dashboard offers safe and reliable on-demand cloud computing platforms and APIs to individuals.

User interfaces similar to AWS and Proteus make the system easy to operate with an integrated work and team management software in place. The added benefit of being able to access, edit and share documents anytime, from anywhere, makes it easier to manage together.

In addition, integrated project management plans and file sharing apps help teams make updates in real time and gives everyone involved full visibility of their collaborations.

Access from anywhere

At your desk, from a tablet or on the phone; if you’ve got an internet connection you can be at work. And with most serious cloud services offering mobile apps, you’re not restricted by which device you’ve got to hand.

Not only does this make reaching employees a doddle, but it also offers your hard-working team a more flexible office environment alongside adaptable and easy to view project plans. The result? A happy workforce who can enjoy a work-life balance that suits them – without productivity taking a hit.

Interested in our app development? We’re hoping to launch this in summer. Meanwhile, find out more information about our task management software here.

Automatic regular updates

Nobody needs a software crash when they’re halfway through an important document or the headache of losing files due to server glitches.

The beauty of cloud-based computing and ERPs is that the servers are off-premise, out of sight and out of your hair. Suppliers take care of them for you and roll out regular software updates – including security– so you don’t have to worry about wasting time maintaining the system yourself. Leaving you free to focus on the things that matter, like growing your business.

How to get Proteus

Proteus’ project management software is a cloud-based system designed for businesses of all sizes to handle projects of unlimited complexity. Each Proteus feature is aimed at making bottom line improvements by improving utilisation, streamlining workflows, providing quick and efficient access to resources and reducing overheads. One of the unique advantages of Proteus is that we offer a free onboarding consultation service to ensure the company account is set up according to your company’s needs. This makes getting your company up and running on Proteus quick and easy.

We recommend getting setup on a free trial. Proteus operates under a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. We offer Enterprise packages and flexible pricing solutions: contact our team to learn more.

We designed Proteus to be simple, and that means you can get up and running on Proteus without an IT team or support from a programmer. You will want to spend a bit of time configuring the admin console so that you have everything set up to suit your company structure, but it’s very intuitive and you don’t need a PhD in IT. However, we want you to get the best out of what is a brilliantly powerful tool, so don’t hesitate to ask for our support. We have a team of product experts who are ready to help you with the configuration process, so get in touch today.


Read more to find out more about using a cloud-based project management software such as Proteus, or get in touch with our team today.

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