Oil & gas digital platform secures £1.8 million investment

March 20, 2020

Xergy Group, 20 March 2020

Proteus is a cloud-based work management system that allows companies to find the right people for projects.

A digital platform which could revolutionise the way in which the upstream oil and gas industry resources projects has secured £1.8 million of private investment.

The brainchild of start-up technology firm, Xergy, Proteus is a cloud-based work management system that allows companies to find the right people for projects as and when they are needed and by enabling remote-working allows a genuine freelance culture in the industry to flourish.

Xergy claims Proteus will transform the way in which the industry sources and uses talent to resource and deliver projects.

Led by industry stalwarts, James McCallum and Colin Manson, Xergy has already benefited from £1 million of private investment.

Manson said: “We have now secured almost £3 million from private investors, which has allowed us to develop and beta test Proteus with amazing feedback from users, including Emerson and Xodus. This investment underlines our confidence in the product and the value and efficiencies it can bring but it also demonstrates that there is appetite for disruption within the sector.”

A software platform, with an ERP system at its heart, Proteus facilitates working remotely within a working environment. This, in turn, will greatly increase efficiency by removing fixed overheads and needless cost and improving utilisation rates and project management, while reducing the carbon emission from commuting and travelling.

Manson added: “Proteus can help the upstream oil and gas industry transform itself to suit the needs of today’s and tomorrow’s workforce. Today’s bright minds are looking for greater flexibility with the ability to work when they want and where they want and Proetus enables them to do that, at the same time ensuring that the industry can tap into this talent pool.”

Proetus has the potential to capture a large share of the oil and gas gig economy, worth $11 billion, and a portion of the $4.5 billion oil and gas ERP (enterprise and resource planning) market.

The ERP system within Proteus connects all the key workflows used by most oil and gas companies. The systems integrate seamlessly and are accessed through an interface designed to simplify every workflow, but the added dimension is the talent pool within it which connects companies with the best suited freelance contractors for the job.

“By adopting Proteus, as a new way of operating, the working culture in oil and gas can be truly transformed,”

Proteus work management solution is designed to seamlessly improve the way you work. The best way for us to help you understand how Proteus works is for us to show you. Request a demo today.

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