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Proteus is the ultimate project management software for energy projects.

  • Improve utilization rates by 35%
  • Increase profits by 20%
  • Get 100% time tracking compliance

Offshore wind developer streamlines processes with Proteus




 Proteus organises complex renewable projects, managing resources & time, tracking & monitoring finances – all in one place! 

Our Clients Speak

Proteus is better than I ever expected.

Project Lead, Energy Consultancy

We have just invoiced a record amount in a month due to Proteus.

CFO, Aurecon

The low-cost ease of adoption combined with the productivity and efficiency that Proteus drives is why will will expand it across all parts of the business.

Dave A. CEO, Renewables Sector

Proteus has been a game-changer for Aurecon. Our PM’s absolutely love it.

Principle, Aurecon

Proteus is a very detailed work management tool- it allows granular cost variables which is important for teams on differing rates and complex resourcing. This is a proper swiss army knife.

Douglas P. Partner, Management Consulting

Keeping renewable projects on track

There has been a rapid expansion of renewable energy projects across the globe. As these projects increase in size and importance, their risks and complications also grow. We work with clients who own or service these complex projects to help them catch up with project management capabilities, moving them away from ineffective workflows and spreadsheets that are simply not fit for purpose.

The Problem

Our client, a leading Aberdeen-based developer and owner of offshore wind projects, is at the forefront of the renewable energy revolution. Their expertise lies in finding optimal locations to build new offshore wind farms and develop floating projects in deeper waters. However, managing end-to-end projects like these can come with an array of challenges. Our client managed their key workflows on spreadsheets and were looking for a solution that guaranteed efficiency and accuracy. They wanted to streamline its internal processes, gain more visibility into project performance, and reduce time sunk into repetitive, low-value tasks.

How Proteus Manages Projects
Flotation image 1 - Proteus Project Software
Flotation image 2 - Proteus Project Software

The Proteus Solution

Offering a centralised platform, Proteus enabled our client to consolidate all project data, thereby having access to accurate and real time information acting as a single source of truth. This streamlined their internal processes, enabling team members to navigate the project lifecycle with ease. The adoption of digital systems has allowed our client’s growing team to significantly improve their project management processes.

How To Get Proteus

Key Features

Two features that our client doubled down on were Proteus’s procurement workflow and time sheet functionality. The time sheet tool enabled them to improve visibility of actual cost vs budget task as well as maximise capacity and productivity across the business. Our client requested the Procurement Workflow to be developed to support their specific requirements, adding in a range of details that will further their drive for improved performance and efficiencies. The time saved on repetitive tasks and streamlining their procurement and team workflows has sped up their overall project timelines and boosted team productivity.

Find Out About Time Tracking
Timesheet in laptop - Proteus Project Software

One of the common challenges experienced by our clients is how their numerous tools and software work together. Proteus integrates with all your existing 3rd party applications and allows you to see all your data across all your tools in one place. Rather than replacing the expensive ERPs and software you have already invested in, Proteus pulls everything together in one place as a single source of truth.

Leading renewables companies use Proteus to bring structure, break down technology silos, and get their data working as hard as their teams.  By providing an overview of utilization rates and assets in real time, teams can manage projects confidently from start to finish.

Our project management software is packed with powerful features designed to provide unrivalled visibility and control over renewable projects

Maximise success and get the project done with Proteus

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