The Future of Talent: How Will you Access Skilled professionals?

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Our working lives have changed dramatically in recent years but have you ever sat back and considered how you will access top talent in the future? During the recent Global Energy Industry downturn, some of the most experienced individuals left the workforce, never to return.  Add to this an industry seen as being out-dated, and, rightly or wrongly, being one of the main contributors to global warming, and you can see why companies are worried.   How do they replace this talent?

By 2025 Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce.  This is a group who have only ever lived in a world dominated by tech.  They have never had to wait in the rain for a taxi, wondering if it will turn up or not.  They order food, to be delivered, whenever they want. They buy and read a book while on the train.  They have never stood in a queue in the bank. They probably have never signed a cheque. The world has changed, and if you want to employ the best talent, you need to change as well.  Millennials want to work the same way as they live the rest of their life; on-demand, online and when they can. This group is the future.

As a result, a rapidly growing freelance work environment is springing up in a number of industries.  Remote, flexible working is becoming more common and easier to execute; hence, freelancers can manage their time, and work with total autonomy. No more 9-5, less commuting and increased autonomy are just three of the benefits that are driving success in other industries, so why hasn’t the energy industry responded?  I suspect this is a complicated issue that needs more than a few words in a blog, however, deep down the answer will be “because it hasn’t had to”. With the current trends, I believe it now has to, or it will face a deeper crisis than 2014.  

Xergy has developed a new technology called Proteus that will facilitate this change within the energy industry. Proteus can digitally transform your business, staff can work remotely and rated freelancers can be engaged simply.

The business management system is light years ahead of anything else you have seen, and employees can work on it from anywhere on the planet, 24 hours a day.  

Proteus can’t improve the image of an energy company.  Proteus can’t reverse global warming either. However, Proteus can bring your company into the 21st century, introduce bottom-line savings and give you that edge again.  He might not be 21st century, however, think Steve McQueen – Proteus is cool.

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