What is Work Management Automation?

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What is Work Management Automation? 

The last twenty years has seen profound changes in how we work, where we work, the type of the work we do, and the nature of our relationship with work. These changes, and the pace of change, are only going to increase in the future. 

Research forecasts based on current trends estimated that anything up to 80% of the workforce could be working on a freelance basis, as part of the “gig economy”. The Coronavirus pandemic of 2020/21 has led to a huge shift in remote work, and estimates state that 62% or more of the workforce could be working remotely in the future. 

At the same time, digital transformation is changing the nature of the tasks that companies need their employees to perform, and how they find, attract, engage, remunerate and retain these staff. 

Infrastructure projects are complex, and any company designing and building the infrastructure of tomorrow will have a complex supply chain capturing with multi-dimensional project data required at every stage. Work needs detailed performance management data at every stage of the process. But it cannot be laborious to access or inoperable with existing tools that businesses use to manage the day-to-day. 

Where companies are making big bold bets and allocating significant capital expenditure to deliver the infrastructure of tomorrow, they need a platform to enable them to find talent and efficiently manage a project from start-to-finish, integrating with the systems they already use to provide a 360-degree view of a project, team and individual’s performance.

That is why we have pioneered the creation of a new category of software. This is technology that makes the management of work easier and more efficient, and creates a platform to provide better integrations with existing tools and automation of workflows.

How do Proteus and Marketplace fit in?

Our Proteus suite of software is an integrated operational framework that aligns project management, payments, internal processes, and third-party software (Proteus) with talent connection (Marketplace) into an all-in-one workspace. Through our Proteus Connect tools we enable our platform to seamlessly exchange data and integrate with other existing third party tools businesses use like Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. 

Work Management Automation platform is an end-to-end platform for those looking to find, employ, manage, remunerate, and rate the best talent, globally. Work Management Automation platforms go beyond traditional enterprise resource management, project management software and job boards, to create a new paradigm in ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) for companies that are building the infrastructure of tomorrow. 

Work Management Automation platform brings together: 

  • Multiple systems and business functions within one integrated framework – Proteus’ end-to-end solution integrates with otherwise siloed software and functions serving as the glue that ties together the digital infrastructure, team and internal processes.
  • The ability to get a “single source of truth” for performance data for complex projects – Traditional work management systems are not geared to manage complex work programs with potentially 100s of freelancers. A leading edge Work Management Automation platform can deliver this.
  • Deep job, vertical marketplace between relevant talent and employers – SaaS-enabled hiring, community capability and a single vertical audience creates a powerful network which links the best people with the right skills with the best roles at the industry-leading businesses they want to work for.
  • Transparent financial and individual performance data – Offering companies an end-to-end platform to quickly onboard rated talent de-risks complex project delivery in industries concerned with delivering complex infrastructure projects where margins can come under pressure if work and costs are not carefully managed.

The Proteus Work Management Automation platform improves margins, enhances productivity and drives operational efficiency, whilst simultaneously creating an attractive, connected work platform for highly skilled energy talent.

SaaS-based modular provision provides companies with a quick route to digitalisation, helping businesses to more quickly move their operations to the cloud and make operational efficiencies. We can immediately provision our SaaS-based Proteus platform in a modular way, enabling clients to start their digital transformation quickly.

A Work Management Automation platform should provide a single view of project success. Our cloud-native platform integrates with existing ERP and business systems that our clients have already invested in like Microsoft, Google, Oracle and others and is offered with a flexible, low-cost subscription model makes this easier to procure and implement

By bringing together the tools that talent is both found and managed by, we believe that the Work Management Automation Platform acts as a “system of engagement” for businesses. In-built employer and employee ratings, reviews and profile systems enable a unique, sector-specific view of success for any project, and track record for any individual or company. Ultimately, this streamline the identification, connection and onboarding of rated talent. Our platform helps remove entry barriers to new talent. Once a new team member is on-boarded via Proteus Marketplace, our platform takes care of everything from project management to payments, meaning the time to value from new project team members is shorter

Proteus supports flexible & remote working – 100% of roles on our platform are freelance – Through remote working we are enabling our clients to find the best fit talent globally for projects, rather than those within a commutable distance of their headquarters.

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