What's new!

1. Microsoft Word Formatting and Styling

We have always been proud of the Microsoft Word Add In integration as it allows you to fully integrate Proteus cost estimates, CTRs, Schedules, CVs, past experience and Organigrams with Word. If you make an edit in Proteus it will automatically refresh in Word. In the Proteus v2.2 update we’ve addressed your feedback regarding the styling and formatting of tables to enable you to use your preferred company styling on all your documents. Once you have set up your formatting in a template in Word any edits in Proteus will be automatically formatted to align to your company style. It not only looks great, it is remarkably simpler and infinitely more robust.   

2. New Add In Blocks

We have added a number of new blocks giving you more functionality. The full block list is now: 

  • WBS Summary
  • WBS Catalogue (CTRs or Work Packages)
  • Variation Summary
  • Variation Catalogue
  • Deliverables List
  • Milestones
  • Quick Quotes
  • Rate Tables Blocks
  • Team CVs
  • Organigram
  • Schedule
  • Experience Block
ms word add-in
ms word add-in

3. Template Tags for Microsoft Word

Template tags allow you to tag a Proteus field in MS Word. For example use {{Proposal_Reference}} and when the document loads it will automatically pull in the proposal reference from Proteus. No more manually inputting repeated data. We have added several new template tags, making Proteus even more efficient.

4. Template Blocks to Standardise Key Information

When you design a proposal or pre-project template, if there is a specific section where you, for example, tend to include the WBS Summary, simply input {{WBS_Summary}} and when the proposal document is setup the WBS Summary is automatically populated and styled. This allows you to create proposal and pre-project documents much quicker and more accurately than ever before. 

5. Create Notes

We have added a Note feature to Proposals and Projects. This allows teams and individuals who are collaborating on a proposal or pre-project document to post notes and keep a record of important information that needs to be shared.


6. Proposal Summary Table

You can now find a summary table for the Proposal WBS showing the breakdown of the cost / price buildup, markups and margins. This allows you to see all of the key proposal information in a single page.


Bug Fixes

  • Users who were previously converted from an offline user to an online user, were unable to add timesheets. This has now been corrected.