Release Notes V2.7


What's new!

Proteus release V2.7 includes a range of functional upgrades to several features across the project lifecycle. These help our users work more efficiently, saving time on low-value admin tasks.

Import Functionality

We have developed new import functionality so that you can get even more data into Proteus quickly and seamlessly. 

You can now import data from these additional modules;

  • Grades, Departments and Disciplines 
  • Offices 
  • Companies
  • Contracts
  • Basic proposals
  • Assets and Asset Categories
  • Timesheets 

Rate Reviews & Updates

With ongoing, multi-year project contracts, it is typical to include the ability to review and increase your standard rate on an annual basis. Our rate review feature gives users the ability to set new rates with the date they should apply from (even historically) updating all relevant WIP automatically. This ensures that people’s time is accurately invoiced against the most up-to-date agreed rates. 

Resource and Workload Builders

The resource builder allows you to create and manage the available resources for your project, whilst the workload builder is used to assign quantities of those pre-defined resources to each work package in Proposals and Projects. This simplifies the budgeting process. Previously users had to create resources within each work package.  Now you only need to enter the number of hours in each work package for each project resource you intend to budget for throughout your WBS.

Moreover, if you decide to change a project resource, for example, its price, it automatically updates for all the users of that resource across your project. 

Drag and Drop

You can now rearrange work packages in your proposals with our drag-and-drop functionality. This feature is incredibly user-friendly, offering more flexibility as users no longer have to create proposals in order.