Release Notes V2.6


What's new!

Named Resource Tables

You can now apply specific sell rates to an individual team member, rather than a full grade or discipline.

It is common for our clients to follow a formal approval process when allocating specific people to a project. A key step includes approving the specific sell rates that are used for each individual.

We have added functionality within Proteus to apply these sell rates to a person, so that when a Project Manager budgets for them in a proposal, the correct rate comes through. 

When you select the new “named” classifier to the rate table, the specific rate data is pulled into the appropriate areas of the system.

The key benefit here is that when you are writing a proposal you will see the correct rate next to the individual- not the generic rate that is normally applied to a role.


Negative Variations

The amount of work or time needed to complete a task changes, which is why our variations feature has always been important for our clients to help manage amendments. 


We have improved our popular variation functionality by adding the ability to apply negative variations when less time or budget is required. This is a simple and easy step. For example, if you want to reduce a work package by 10 units, you issue a variation with “-10”.

Proteus Next

Our development team spent much of 2023 working on Proteus Next. This is a more technical, behind-the-scenes feature but it is significant to improving the way that Proteus operates. Put in layman’s terms, Proteus Next is a separate code base that impacts the speed with which work packages and project controls data are processed. What you need to know is that Proteus can now handle background jobs quicker and more efficiently. In short, you will save more time.

Project References

It is now possible to set and edit custom references for a specific project. If left blank, the project will be automatically assigned a reference as Proteus normally does. The benefit of this functionality is that your teams can set references according to the requirements of a specific project, rather than defaulting to the setup in the Admin Console, making it much more flexible and user-friendly.


Bespoke Approval Process for Opportunities

We have worked closely with a client who uses our Bid/No Bid tool to set up a bespoke set of questions and outcomes for each part of the functionality. This ensures that all the information is captured and goes through a strict approval process before the opportunity progresses. 


Other improvements to the functionality include the ability to cancel an approval request, add notes to each stage, and the option of receiving email notifications throughout the process. 

Proposal and Project Export

Whilst we like having you manage your work within Proteus, it is hugely useful to be able to export data out of the Proteus environment.

You can now export your work in Proteus by downloading an Excel spreadsheet containing all the details within a specific proposal or project. The export contains a full work breakdown structure with CTR line items, detailing item type, rate table, unit, hours per unit, description, average hourly cost, base rate, markup, rate total, budgeted units, budgeted cost, budgeted price, budgeted margin and comments.

We understand that some information such as the cost and margin may be confidential, therefore it is possible to make this information hidden if required.