What's new!

1. Project Controls Features

The Project Controls in Proteus have always been good. However, we have been working hard to take this to the next level and this has been included in V2.1. Within your Project you will find a new menu item called “Project Controls”.  Click on this and you will see the following:

Proteus has a full schedule capability displayed in a Gantt chart. The full WBS is now available in the Gantt chart with progress tracked against expected progress.

A schedule S-Curve and a Cost/Revenue S-Curve have been added. Both show the expected, actual, and forecasted data. This is a great visualisation to enable project managers and business leaders understand where the project is heading.

Estimate at Completion
A table showing the Estimate at Completion (compared to planned data) for Revenue, Cost, and Margin.

2. Data Table for Each Project

To complement the visual Gantt chart and S-Curve, we have added a data table for the each project. This table contains a number of data layers as a summary of the project. All data is presented against the time component of the project; either weekly or monthly, showing historical and forecasted data.

Tracked Resource
This shows the number of hours/ days booked for any of your assigned resources; people, equipment or software.  

Displays planned progress, actual progress, forecasted progress on a weekly / monthly basis. 

Cost Forecast
For cost, Proteus calculates and displays:

  • Planned Cost (PC)
  • Actual Cost (AC)
  • Earned Cost (EC)
  • Schedule Variable Cost (SVC)
  • Schedule Performance Index Cost (SPIC) 
  • Cost Variance (CV)
  • Cost Performance Index (CPI)
  • Cost Estimate at Completion (CEAC)
  • Cost Estimate to Completion (CETC)

Revenue Forecast
For revenue, Proteus calculates and displays:

  • Planned Revenue (PR)
  • Actual Revenue (AR)
  • Earned Revenue (ER)
  • Schedule Variable Revenue (RVC)
  • Schedule Performance Index Revenue (RPIC) 
  • Revenue Variance (RV)
  • Revenue Performance Index (RPI)
  • Revenue Estimate at Completion (REAC)
  • Revenue Estimate to Completion (RETC)

For margin, Proteus calculates and displays:

  • Planned Margin ($)
  • Actual Margin ($)
  • Margin Variance ($)
  • Planned Margin (%)
  • Actual Margin (%)
  • Margin Variance (%)

Data Export
 Export all your data from Project Controls, the WBS and Tracking into a spreadsheet.   

3. Variations

You can now add a variation to a project.  The variation works just like a new work package and allows you to add hours, equipment, software, expenses or purchases. The entire functionality is wrapped around the management of the change process, ensuring the correct approvals are in place before the new price/schedule goes live.

4. Speed Improvements

Phase 1 of our speed enhancements is now live to maximise your user experience. Further upgrades will be implemented in the near future that will continue to ensure the best experience for our customers and keep Proteus at the cutting edge of cloud-based work management solutions. 

5. Asset Categorisation and Search

The asset management databasein Proteus has been optimised to support the tens of thousands of assets from customer inventory lists. If you’re a company that has an enormous inventory of equipment or software, this one’s for you.

You can use our easy categorisation to create an unlimited hierarchy of assets, or use the search to immediately find the asset you need by querying the name or reference number.

Bug Fixes

  • Our export functionality now provides your work packages in the order set within the Proteus Project
  • We have improved the validation for asset categories