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Opportunities BNB (bid / no-bid) Feature Upgrade

The Opportunities feature has had a major upgrade.  In fact, so much so, we have moved the goalposts considerably.  We originally added the Opportunities feature as a kind of CRM light.   However, we have found that most companies use an existing CRM. Therefore, after some market research, we decided to concentrate on integrating with CRM tools and adding a lot of new features that are traditionally carried out in spreadsheets.

Go / No Go – A list of questions to determine whether a project opportunity should be taken further or not. These are the big ticket items such as “Is this an existing country/region?”  If the answer to any of these questions is No, then the user is forced to seek advice or approval to proceed. This list of questions can be amended to suit your company’s requirements.

Analysis – This probes a little further to try and understand some of the key factors included the bid: number of competitors, expected margin, reimbursable or fixed price, etc. Each answer generates a score that ultimately determines if the user needs to do further research to proceed.

Difficulty Factor – Most companies allocate a percentage of expected revenue to proposal time.  Proteus takes this a step further and determines how difficult the proposal will be to write and allocates time and budget accordingly.

Winning Strategy – This asks the user to think about what is required to develop a winning proposal.  Is it price, capability, past experience, etc?

Risk Analysis – This asks the user to list all of the perceived risks and put mitigation in place to counter these risks.


Release v2.5 | Proteus project software

Bid / No-Bid Steps – Proteus Opportunities Assessment – Release v2.5

Contracts Database Upgrade 

Our Contracts database, which holds client rate cards, sits at the heart of Proposals and Projects. This has been upgraded as part of the latest release with the following enhancements:

  • New side panel containing contract summary data.  This helps the user quickly identify the important information in the contract.
  • Apply average rates button – This allows the user to pull the average cost rates into a rate table so they can be used to generate a fixed price cost that can then have a markup attached to it. 
  • Bulk modify rates –  This allows the user to simply increase all of the rates in a rate table by a fixed percentage. 

The Contracts index has also been updated with our new column functionality, including the ability to resize, hide and reorder table columns, as well as a more comprehensive filtering system.

Import WBS

You can now upload your work breakdown structure into the system from a CSV spreadsheet. This means any data that you currently have within other systems can easily be moved over and mapped to Proteus, at the touch of a button.

This tool provides you with a template to map the data you have to the proposal in question, ensuring both sides are aligned. 

Import Users

You can now also import system users in bulk via our new admin console user import. Simply add all your user details to the downloadable template available in the system and hit upload. 

Calendar Navigation in Timesheets

Our timesheet system is currently getting a complete makeover and we will be releasing this in a few weeks.  However, in the meantime we have added some new features to improve the functionality.

Improved Deliverables Functionality

We have improved the deliverables functionality to allow you to better define the deliverables for each work package.

Add Named Resources to a Rate Table and a Proposal

Proteus has always used a combination of grades and disciplines for rate tables and proposals.  This works well most of the time, however, sometimes you want to add a specific individual to the proposal. You can now do this.

Project Controls Refinement

The Project Controls functionality has had a bit of spring clean and polish.  This has helped differentiate between fixed-price and reimbursable projects and provides more unique dashboards for each scenario.

Rollback Variations

The Variation functionality in Proteus is second to none. To further improve it we have included the functionality where a Variation that is not approved can be rolled back and the user can then reset it and re-issue it.  

File Access Helper

Proteus is fully integrated with Microsoft. If anything goes wrong with your Sharepoint/ Word/ Excel integration, this new feature helps to troubleshoot and fix the issue.


We have added the Baseline and Forecasting feature to Proteus.   Therefore, if you want to forecast your project more accurately then you can now use this functionality.

The Proteus Release v2.5 features are all automatically updated in your Proteus account. Enjoy! Any questions please contact

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