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The Power of Monitoring and Optimising Utilisation Rates

Monitoring utilisation rates involves measuring the available time used for billable work. In amongst all the metrics project managers track, if you work in a project consultancy (think Worley Parsons, Wood, Genesis, etc.,) this one is the king. However, monitoring and optimising a team's utilisation rate is the one critical…

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Exploring Innovative Project Tracking Methods

The competitive world of large projects (such as those found in industries like infrastructure or oil, gas and renewables) demands precision, efficiency, and a keen eye on the bottom line. Effective project tracking is the key to guiding project managers towards success. Imagine embarking on a journey without a map…

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Analyzing Project Progress: CPI vs SPI

With decades of experience working on energy sector projects, the Proteus team is more than aware of the challenges that come with managing complex initiatives. We have found that our clients rely on accessing accurate project data to ensure project success. This allows our clients to closely monitor progress and…

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planning a work breakdown structure

What is a Work Breakdown Structure…

…and why do all project teams need one? A work breakdown structure is exactly what it says it is: a way to break project work into a well-organised, easy-to-manage structure to facilitate easy project management planning and control. Whether you work in construction, infrastructure, energy, mining, or any other large…

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How Key Workflows in Proteus Fill the Gaps in Winning and Managing Projects

Behind all innovative new products, there are always one or two inspiring people who have the essential, unswerving vision and passion to bring an idea to life. Colin Manson is the co-founder of Xergy Group and the brains behind our project software Proteus. It is no exaggeration to say he…

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Data-driven decisions in resource management - Proteus Project Software

A Practical Guide on Making Data-Driven Decisions in Resource Management

Resource management is a critical aspect of project management that has the potential to make or break the success of a project.  Project managers are responsible for effective planning, scheduling, and allocation of resources, for example, people, equipment, software, and expenses. They also need to maximise their utilisation throughout the…

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