planning a work breakdown structure

What is a Work Breakdown Structure…

…and why do all project teams need one? The standout feature in the Proteus work management solution is the unique way in which it manages the work breakdown structure. Work breakdown structures might not be a part of your company’s common language for managing projects. In fact, if you are…

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time and productivity

How to Keep on top of Time and Productivity to run a Successful Project

Project managers constantly juggle time and productivity in order to keep their projects on track. The more efficient and productive you are, the more successful your project will be. Juggling so many balls at one time can seem daunting, but with the right tools and tips, it can be done.…

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Project cost and performance management

What is Project Cost and Performance Management?

Project cost and performance management is a relatively broad term referring to what is a critical process for any project team. This is particularly true for the large-scale, complex projects common in the energy sector. The energy sector is constantly evolving, and with that comes the need for better project…

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What who why project management

The What, Who, When of Energy Project Management

Let's get back to basics with the what, who, when of energy project management. With today's energy sector up against large-scale challenges in the face of increasing environmental concerns along with a rising demand for fuel, companies across the energy sector are more than ever under pressure to deliver profitable…

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oil and gas projects

What are the Oil and Gas Project Problems That Proteus Solves?

Energy sector projects, not just oil and gas projects, but their closely related, more environmentally friendly (and more fashionable) renewable energy projects are highly complex. This is not news to anyone. They comprise a huge variety of types of work packages, all of which are time-consuming, high risk and often…

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3 Common Productivity Pitfalls and how to Avoid Them

Today, as the workplace becomes increasingly digital, the most common productivity barriers come from clunky, disjointed internal systems or processes and the way we measure and track productivity. In the energy sector, work is largely project-based which makes managing productivity even more challenging, particularly if the internal systems and productivity…

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