green talent

5 tips for Recruiting Green Talent During the Energy Transition

As the world transitions to green energy and renewables, the key will be to attract green talent into the new transitioned energy and renewables market. The traditional workforce is changing and people are no longer joining the energy industry to work in oil and gas. Therefore it’s very important that…

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using freelancers

5 Reasons why you Should be Using Freelancers

Are you using freelancers? Or you may have read our top tips on how to set yourself up as successful freelancer. In that article we pointed out how the shift in working culture was attracting more professionals to ‘go it alone’ and the estimated increase on service demand this was…

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energy freelancer

The Rise Of The Energy Freelancer

Are you an energy freelancer? Using freelancers has been common practice, particularly among the creative industries, for many years. When you can’t find, can’t afford or don’t need specific skills full-time, the freelancer can provide the perfect solution. In fact, even if you can find and afford in-house employees, freelancers…

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work management automation

What is Work Management Automation?

What is Work Management Automation?  The last twenty years has seen profound changes in how we work, where we work, the type of the work we do, and the nature of our relationship with work. These changes, and the pace of change, are only going to increase in the future.  Research forecasts based…

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successful freelancer

How to set Yourself up as a Successful Freelancer

Forbes magazine reported that according to new research by the talent platform, Upwork, freelancers are likely to find themselves in more demand in the future. It stated that following Covid-19, 47% of hiring managers are now more likely to hire independent professionals. The report, which looked at the hiring habits of 1,500 US hiring…

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the gig economy

Changing the Way we Work: the Gig Economy

Are you a part of the gig economy? Online talent platforms that connect freelancers with specific work opportunities (gigs) have grown dramatically over the last decade. A growing number of online talent platforms follow the contingent employment model but focus on one specialised offering: Uber and Careem for taxi services on demand, Washmen for laundry and Deliveroo for takeaways are…

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Fundamental shift required to address the skills dilemma

A fundamental shift in the way we work is required to address the energy sector's current skills dilemma. Since being made redundant in the oil downturn in 1986, I have listened to energy company CEO’s extol the importance of their people, only to witness large-scale redundancies to cut costs whenever…

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